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EDGE Adventures exists to celebrate and enhance human potential through adventure-based experiences.

Foundational Beliefs

Everybody has the potential to grow, change, and impact the world around them:
  • Potential to improve self: We recognize that we shape and are shaped by our experiences. Some experiences are chosen by us, others chosen for us. Our future is determined by how we respond to challenges and risks, developing insight about our own capacity for growth and change. Adventure develops strengths into competencies that will increase our success in all realms of endeavor.
  • Potential to improve the world: We recognize that we shape and are shaped by the natural world. We both benefit from and are a burden to the natural environment. We explore the world in a way that leaves both the world and ourselves better for the experience.
  • Potential to improve our relationships: We recognize that we shape and are shaped by our relationships. Trust, communication, shared purpose, and belonging are critical to our lives. The interdependence that we discover through challenge activities facilitates a greater understanding of ourselves and others.

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Foundational Beliefs
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